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About Us

VERIFiSMART is a legal solution platform that provides and allows individuals and companies alike to protect their creations, ideas and innovations by keeping encrypted records of their projects to prevent leaks or unauthorised access to them while the work is being developed and to register the final versions that will be released to the public for commercial purposes by creating a unique hash and digital timestamp as prove of the exact moment on which the work was created by such individual or company.

VERIFiSMART uses blockchain technology at its core to ensure security, permanency and validity of such registrations as the nature of this technology relies on being decentralised, unalterable, timestamped and auditable – therefore, transparent, unchallengeable and reliable.

VERIFiSMART was created by lawyers specialized in intellectual property law in the UK and EU after noticing that clients would often struggle with the same issue: having to go through old files and records to prove the moment on which they created a work that was infringed by others having to incur in significant time and money (including legal fees) to be able to prove ownership, without certainty that such time and costs could ever be recovered in the event of a successful claim.

While some experienced clients would have found out that they could prevented that issue if they take the appropriate steps to keep accurate records of their creations, often all those methods posed significant risks of confidentiality or involve additional costs as expenses by engaging attorneys or using various different services that would still not offer 100% confidentiality and reliability.

Thus, VERIFiSMART was born! The unique features offered by VERIFiSMART are curated from knowledge and experience on the legal risks and challenges that can arise when trying to protect what are otherwise unregistrable intellectual property rights. VERIFiSMART aims to facilitate the protection of such rights in a simple, secured and cost-effective way, by removing the need to pay for legal fees until they are really needed.

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VMP Legal Ltd t/a VERIFiSMART is a private company incorporated in England and Wales under registration number 11144006.

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